The Roots of the Grove: Our Core Values and Practices

Our Grove provides a container for a specific kind of deep Druidic practice.

  • For most people, deep practice is built on a foundation of trust and vulnerability.  A balance of hospitality (welcoming the outsider) and retreat (private Druidic practice, individually and in the grove) is our ideal.
  • We focus our collective ritual practice and other Grove events around the nature spirits, Celtic mythology, and the Celtic pantheons of gods.  We practice as animists and polytheists, for whom the spirit world is a meaningful reality.
  • We are a seed group in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  We use its liturgical container for ritual and its coursework as a container for study.  We recognize the validity of many forms of Druidry within OBOD, even as the Grove maintains a specific form of practice.


Our Druidry is a way of aligning our actions across our whole lives and the wider world.

  • Druidry can and should integrate with our everyday lives: it’s a way of living.  The ways of the Bard, the Ovate, and the Druid are still with us.
  • Druidic practice is manifestation and action, not just ceremony.  Serving our community and earth is living out our values: environmental care, justice-work, and peace-crafting are at the core of Druidic magic as it manifests in the world.
  • Hospitality is important for peace-crafting.  Interfaith dialogue and fellowship with other Druids are important parts of building bridges between people.


Our Druidry is grounded in valuing justice, love, and peace.

  • Peace and love require justice.  The lack of apparent conflict is not the presence of peace if there has been no resolution and reconciliation.  The core of the Druid’s Prayer is the love of justice, which is necessary for the love of all existences.
  • Vulnerable people, especially children, have priority for care by the community.  At the core of human life and love is the sacredness of healthy family bonds, in all its forms: biological and chosen.  
  • All existences, from rocks to human beings, are holy.  All ethnicities and cultures are holy. All genders are holy.  All consensual sexualities are holy. Love affirms the sacredness of all beings.  Justice values the unique contributions of all beings.

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