The Branches of the Grove: Our Events and Service

For Our Initiated Members

Our Initiated Members celebrate the fire festivals together; convene for workings centered on healing, peace, and justice; and participate in private discussions and workshops.

For Our Non-Initiated Friends and Family

Members’ spouses and children, as well as others who may be invited to attend, participate in the solar festivals together and participate in semi-private discussions and workshops.  We also maintain the Druid Discussions Facebook page for online discussion and sharing related to Druidry.


For All Druids and Interested Folks

We invite all Druids (of any Order and none) and all people who are interested in Druidry to our solar festival outings, which attune us to the Wheel of the Year in the natural world.  We hope that Druids of many seed groups, groves, and orders will join us for this fellowship with the natural world and with each other. We also offer creative works related to our spiritual practice through our blogs, music, and art.

In Service to the Wider World

Our members serve in various capacities as Druids who are public about their practice in the wider world, including in interfaith dialogue and service; activism (volunteering related to justice, peace, and environmentalism); celebrancy (offering services to Druids and non-Druids for weddings, memorials, and other rites of passage); and in Pagan Studies research.


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